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Build a beautiful, user-friendly website for your healthcare company that gets results. With 50+ reviews across various platforms, Mendel Sites will deliver you a great website that will be one of the strongest marketing tools for your business! 

Meet Sam, Owner of Mendel Sites

Want to grow your Practice?

At Mendel Sites, we believe your website should play a much greater purpose than simply having a nice design. We create websites for healthcare companies to serve as business tools to grow your company.


Our #1 priority is to motivate your website visitors to take action and increase results for your business.

Customized Approach

Each client gets a unique website built specifically for their needs and goals for their business.

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Healthcare website design portfolio

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our website design & development projects for healthcare companies and see for yourself if you think we might be a good fit.

Top Website Services for Healthcare Companies

Not only do we provide healthcare web design & development, we provide you with everything you need to ensure your website is built for success and can achieve the specific results you’re aiming for!

Web Design

All websites are both designed & developed using WordPress. Get all the tasks needed to build your website from scratch completed in one place. Bring your website vision to life with Mendel Sites.

Web Development

All websites are both designed & developed using WordPress. Get all the tasks needed to build your website from scratch completed in one place. Bring your website vision to life with Mendel Sites.


All websites will be built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This is so that your website will be discoverable and can rank well on search engines such as Google!


The text on your website is one of the most important factors for having a successful website. Mendel Sites offers copywriting services to ensure the content on your website is the most powerful and effective.


Mendel Sites provides a monthly WordPress maintenance plan to clients to pro-actively ensure that their WordPress website is always kept up to date, functioning optimally, and risk-free. 

Website Training

All healthcare web design clients will be provided with backend WordPress training. This will allow you to make updates and edits to your website on your own such as editing text or updating images!

#1 Healthcare Website Designer

As the top healthcare website designer in Canada, Mendel Sites has become an expert in building websites for doctors, chiropractors, and other mental healthcare professionals. Each practice will get a website solution built specifically for the needs and goals of their own practice. In an industry with so many competitors and choices for clients to go with, it is imperative to stand out online. By focusing primarily on web design for healthcare companies, we have learned what works most effectively to drive traffic to the website and get potential clients to reach out to you to learn more/get started.

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Top Web Design for Healthcare

One of the most important aspects of a successful practice is to build trust with prospective clients. No one is going to reach out to or want to work with a practice who they don’t trust. That’s why the first objective with healthcare web design projects is to build trust with the website visitor. Some ways to do this include displaying experience and qualifications, past client testimonials, as well as being very personable and approachable through website content and images. Once trust is built, clients are then taken through an appropriate user journey to find exactly what healthcare services they are looking for to gain the proper information.

Happy Healthcare Web Design Clients

Dana Lipsky

Dr. Dana Lipsky

Owner, MPS

Since Mendel Sites redesigned and launched our website, we have seen a steady increase in traffic, which has resulted in us having a waitlist for all of our service options. Sam has been an absolute pleasure to work with; he is skilled, professional, patient and creative.


The difference between a great website and a good website is what Sam at Mendel sites offers. His website helps to elevate you against your competition and brings you to the market. Sam was easy to work with, fast and affordable. I highly recommend Mendel sites for anyone to bring their website into the modern era, or anyone who is looking to get out there.

Dr. Heather

Trinity Chiropractic

Dr. Adrian Fawcett

Danforth Neurology

Sam helped me set up my website for my business. He was very helpful both before launch and after. I'd recommend him to any small business and clinic owner that needs a website!


Amazing working with Sam. Professional, able to see my vision, and great turn around time on completed project! Hiring Mendel Sites would be a huge benefit to any organization. They are the best web development company I have worked with thus far.

Jackie Persona

Counselling Services

Frequently asked questions

What sets us apart from other healthcare web designers is that we ensure your website is setup with everything you need to be successful. This of course involves website design & development customized to your specific needs. In addition, We’ve listed out everything you’ll get with our healthcare web design services below:

Our web design process with each client begins a with a discovery call (usually around 20-30minutes) to understand exactly what you need and want. This involves discussing both the results you are hoping to achieve with your website  as well as the specific scope of the website you have in mind. We will then discuss some ideas about how to best approach this project to help you best achieve your goals. We will then follow up after the call with a proposal or we will set up a follow up Zoom call to go over the proposal and the best way to approach this project.

Once you confirms with our services, we will schedule a Web Design Zoom Kickoff Call. On this call we go through a shared website content Google Drive folder to collect all the images, ideas, and content for the website.

Once the website content folder and documents are completed, we will then build the first website draft (usually just the home page). Once that is approved, we will build out the remaining pages for desktop browser. Once that draft is approved, we will optimize the websites pages for all devices (desktop, tablet, & mobile). Throughout the entire website building process, we provide unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

Once the website drafts are fully approved, we will finish setting up the backend of the website and then launch it directly on the your server. We will then provide you with everything you need to know about the website including access details as well as provide them with their WordPress training

Finally, if you have elected to opt-in to the WordPress Maintenance plan, we will get started with that once the website is live as well.

Reach out here to setup a discovery call, discuss your web design project and get a quote.

Our fees are custom. It depends on the scope of your project and the value you are trying to create with your website. Reach out here to setup a discovery call and get a quote.

We do focus on web design for healthcare companies – including web design for doctors, web design for chiropractors/physiotherapists/RMTs, and web design for therapists/mental healthcare companies. However, we’re happy to work with any service-based businesses in Canada and around the world. Our business is based in Toronto and we also work with a lot of local clients in the following regions as well – Vaughan, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Kitchener, Hamilton, Brampton, and London