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As one of the top web design & developer’s in Vaughan, Mendel Sites also ensures every client’s website is setup with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Having strong SEO means that more potential clients will find your website on Google and drive more traffic and leads for your business!

Keyword Research

Research on what keywords your target market is searching on Google to find your type of service so we can set up your webpage keywords appropriately.

Content Writing

As part of Mendel Sites’ copywriting services, your website content will be written to ensure it gives you the best chance to rank well on Google.

Meta Tags and Descriptions

Mendel Sites ensures that your pages will be able to be found on Google and show the right information to get users to click into your website.

Fast Page Speed

A slow website won’t rank well on Google. This is why all Mendel Sites websites are built to have fast page loading speed. This involves the use of lightweight themes & plug-ins, image optimization, & more.

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Client Reviews

Cassandra morrison headshot

Cassandra Morrison

Counselling Services

Sam’s website design services were an extremely pivotal part in my journey starting a private practice. Building a website on my own was just not in my skill set and he did an absolutely fantastic job. I’m so pleased with the results, he took everything I wanted functionality wise and let me be a part of the design process, even down to picking my font colours.


Not only was Sam affordable and time efficient, he took the time to explain much of the backend process of my website by making me helpful tutorial videos. Sam knew exactly what I was looking for after only a short intro call and delivered a beautiful, cost-efficient website. Highly recommend!

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Jess Phillips


Frequentely asked questions

There is no concrete timeline for when SEO kicks in. For starters, just to get your website pages indexed on Google (meaning that the pages can show up on search results) can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. Read more here.

No. It is impossible to guarantee that you will show up on the first page of Google near the top of the search results. There are tons of factors that determine how difficult it is to show up on the first page of Google.

It really depends on how much competition there is in your industry, geographic location, and how well your webpage ranks for keywords.

I can say that everything I do when your building your website is with SEO in mind to give you a great chance to rank well on Google.

Yes, these are different. Organic Google Search results are the typical results you see on the page when searching on Google

Google Maps results come from your Google Business Profile (formerly known as ‘Google my Business). The top 3 Google Maps results when searching on Google will show up without having to click to see more. The only way to have your business show up on Google Maps results is to have a Google Business Profile. To have this profile, you would need to either have a physical address in the area or be a business that services that said area.

Having strong SEO is important for both Organic Search and Google Maps results.

Yes, mobile responsiveness plays a huge role for SEO. Even if you don’t expect a lot of your website visitors to view your website on a mobile device, it is still very important for SEO.

Since in more recent years, the majority of Google searches are now coming from mobile, Google has updated their SEO ranking increasing the importance of mobile responsiveness. 

Since Google doesn’t want to send users to poorly designed websites on mobile devices, these websites will rank worse than ones that are optimized.

As the top Vaughan WordPress designer, I will ensure that your website is optimized for all devices (including desktop, tablet, and mobile) to ensure your website can rank well for SEO.