WordPress Maintenance Vaughan

Ongoing Maintenance services

WordPress Maintenance Vaughan

As one of the top web design & developer’s in Vaughan, Mendel Sites provides a monthly  WordPress maintenance plan to clients to pro-actively ensure that their WordPress website is always kept up to date, functioning optimally, and risk-free. Never worry about any issues on your website when enrolled in this maintenance plan.

Software, Theme, Plugin Updates

As a WordPress designer, your website will be built with softwares that need updating to keep the website up to date and risk-free. Failure to do so can result in website issues or security threats.

Bug Repairs

If any bugs or other issues occur on your website and you are enrolled in the WordPress maintenance plan, you will get these fixed as soon as possible for free.


Get daily and monthly backups on different servers to ensure that if there is any damage to your website, we will always have a file to restore it.

Security Management

Have your website security monitored and routinely checked to ensure there is no safety concerns. If a breach does occur, get it looked into immediately.


Get daily support via text, phone, or email as needed on an ongoing basis with me directly.

Wordpress Maintenance Vaughan

Client Reviews

Cassandra morrison headshot

Cassandra Morrison

Counselling Services

Sam’s website design services were an extremely pivotal part in my journey starting a private practice. Building a website on my own was just not in my skill set and he did an absolutely fantastic job. I’m so pleased with the results, he took everything I wanted functionality wise and let me be a part of the design process, even down to picking my font colours.


Not only was Sam affordable and time efficient, he took the time to explain much of the backend process of my website by making me helpful tutorial videos. Sam knew exactly what I was looking for after only a short intro call and delivered a beautiful, cost-efficient website. Highly recommend!

jess phillips headshot

Jess Phillips


Frequently asked questions

Whether if you decide to pick Mendel Sites as your WordPress maintenance provider or want to look elsewhere, we 100% recommend enrolling in a maintenance plan for your website. 

While it may not seem necessary at the start because your website looks good and is working well, it is super important. We like to relate it to a car – you don’t just buy a car and never take it into the shop. No, you bring it in for routine checks to ensure it is safe and performing optimally.

That is similar with a WordPress maintenance plan – you are hedging any risk with your website in the future and proactively preventing any issues. For more information on why you need WordPress maintenance plan – click here.

If we work together to build your website but you choose not to opt-in to our maintenance plan nor an external maintenance plan, then you will have to perform maintenance tasks on your own.

As part of your WordPress website training, you will learn the basic minimum tasks you will need to perform monthly to ensure your website is kept safe and up to date. This will mainly involve updating the plug-ins, theme, and software on your WordPress website. This is the minimum you need to do as if you don’t keep your website updated monthly – you are leaving your website open to both security risks as well as website bugs (even crashes).

If a bug does occur on your website, we won’t be able to fix this for free as we would do for clients who have opted in to a maintenance plan. You would have to either hire us or an alternative provider to come and fix the issue for you. And if you’re not proactively protecting your website by ensuring it is up to date and functioning optimally, you will be much more at risk to website bugs and security threats as mentioned above.

Yes. You can cancel at any time. Your WordPress maintenance plan renews every month so if you wish to cancel, the auto-renew will be cancelled the next month.

Yes, over 90% of our clients opt-in to a WordPress maintenance plan. The value for the cost you are getting is definitely worth it and provides peace-of-mind knowing that your website is being kept safe and up to date. It allows you to focus on what you know best, operating your business!

We have also had many WordPress maintenance clients that originally opted-out and eventually reached back out to opt-in to maintenance when they started to understand the value or had an issue they needed assistance with.