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The copywriting (text) on your website is one of the most important factors for whether your website can serve as a real tool for your business to get results and increase sales. Having a strong design is one thing, but powerful content can drastically increase your website’s performance. Mendel Sites offers content writing assistance to ensure your website content will make an impact. Whether you are interested in having your content written from scratch, or editing pre-existing content you have written, let’s build the content on your website together!

Highlight Value

Great copywriting will be able to highlight your brand’s value and strengths. With there likely being many competitors in your industry, it is important for your content to explain what sets you apart.

Build Trust

No website visitor is going to buy or want to work with someone who they don’t trust. Having personal and honest content will help build trust with visitors to feel safe and comfortable to work with you.

Motivate Action

Great website content will help drive sales for your business. Having strong copywriting that motivates users to take your desired call-to-action will increase conversions for your business.

Get Traffic

Smart  copywriting includes the use of specific keywords in your website content that will help potential clients searching for those same keywords find your website. Done correctly, it has a huge positive effect on SEO.

copywriting Vaughan

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Dana Lipsky

Dr. Dana Lipsky

Owner, MPS

Since Mendel Sites redesigned and launched our website, we have seen a steady increase in traffic, which has resulted in us having a waitlist for all of our service options. Sam has been an absolute pleasure to work with; he is skilled, professional, patient and creative.


Mendel Sites was amazing to work with. Knowledgeable, patient and professional. We were given guidance and assistance every step of the way! We will definitely continue to work with Mendel Sites to help with our web development needs!

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Mike Hothi

CEO, Trico

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Whatever level of copyrwriting you desire can be provided – this ranges from simply reading over the content you provide and editing to writing all the content for you.

If you choose to have us write all your content, it is still usually helpful to provide some guidelines on what you want on your website as nobody knows your business as well as you do, and it adds a personal touch to your website. One section that is usually recommended for a client to always write themselves is their about section.

You can also elect to give point form notes for what you want for your website content and we can build off it from there.

Regardless of if we’re writing all your content or editing what you have provided, the goal remains the same to write content that best motivate users to take action as well as ensure your content helps you rank for relevant keywords on.

There is no magic number for text on a website page for it to rank the best on Google or have the strongest effect on website visitors.

One good strategy for SEO is searching for a keyword you want your website page to rank for and clicking on a few of the top page results for that search. Then count the # of words on those pages and that will give you a decent indication on the amount of words you might on your page. 

We’d say at the minimum, you would want at least 600 words on your page. This is to both rank well for SEO (read more here) and to have enough content on the page itself so that you can build value, trust, motivate action and anything else you would want to accomplish on a website page.

You definitely don’t want to write content just to get the word count up, but you want to ensure that the copywriting on the page is enough for visitors to make informed decisions and or gather enough information.

Yes if you’re interested in taking the charge for the copywriting on your own website, we will go over suggestions and what to focus on during our Zoom kickoff call.

On this call, after determining the structure/sections of your website, we will share a document with you outlining good practices to focus on for each of your sections. This will include recommendations for word length and topics to consider.

Of course, at any point during the website building process, if you have questions about your copywriting, feel free to reach out and we will provide advice.

We also always read over all the content on the website and will provide recommendations for improvements that could be more effective.

Yes. It will be very simple for your to update your website content once it is built and live. This will be one of the things you will be taught as part of your website training.