WordPress Training Vaughan

Update your website like a pro

WordPress Training Vaughan

Once your website is live, get trained on how to make updates yourself so you don’t have to reach out to myself or another developer to make simple changes. Through pre-recorded WordPress training videos and/or live Zoom sessions, learn skills to manage your website!

Using WordPress Interface

The first part of the WordPress training will be general training on how to use the WordPress backend and interface. This includes understanding the tabs on the backend and how to access the page builder.

Add/Edit Content

Want to update, remove, or add content on your website? Learn how to do so super easily as part of your WordPress training.

Change Images

Have some new images you want to highlight on your website? Get it done in a few clicks! Also check out some of the best websites for free stock images – Unsplash and Pexels.

Manage Blog Posts

Want to set up a blog on your website to engage website visitors? Learn how to easily write, post, and edit your blog posts.

Dynamic Content

Have any other dynamic sections on your website like a team page or gallery? Learn how to easily make updates and changes to these sections.

Wordpress Training Vaughan

Client Reviews

Cassandra morrison headshot

Cassandra Morrison

Counselling Services

Sam’s website design services were an extremely pivotal part in my journey starting a private practice. Building a website on my own was just not in my skill set and he did an absolutely fantastic job. I’m so pleased with the results, he took everything I wanted functionality wise and let me be a part of the design process, even down to picking my font colours.


Not only was Sam affordable and time efficient, he took the time to explain much of the backend process of my website by making me helpful tutorial videos. Sam knew exactly what I was looking for after only a short intro call and delivered a beautiful, cost-efficient website. Highly recommend!

jess phillips headshot

Jess Phillips


Frequently asked questions

This depends on how difficult and custom the update you want to make is. For example, it will likely still be fairly difficult for you to go into your website and build a very complex page from scratch. However, you definitely will have the ability to add new sections and pages as you please.

As part of your WordPress training, you will get taught how to add new posts and other dynamic content. These includes pages such as blog posts, team member bios, property listing, and more!

If there is anything specific you would like to learn how to do on your website, we will be happy to walk you through that as well.

Yes. As the top website designer in Vaughan, we ensure all websites are built with a responsive design – meaning it is optimized for desktop, tablet, & mobile. The design is set in place to allow you to easily replace text and/or images on your website and fit in with the same design. 

If there are any updates you can’t do on your or simply don’t have the time to do it, you can always reach back out and we will make the updates for you.

Depending on the update, it will likely just be  a one-time fee to complete the update for you.

We are always available to help make updates to your website once your site is live.

Yes. This is one of the main reasons Mendel Sites is WordPress designer and WordPress is our Content Management System (CMS) of choice to build websites for clients on. It is the most popular and user-friendly CMS to use!

As part of your WordPress training, I will walk you through step-by-step in specific details how to perform the tasks that you would be interested in for your website.

And if you’re ever confused or not sure how to do something on your website, you can always reach out for assistance.